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Track price predictions and test market strategies directly from Twitter or Discord. No spreadsheets, no manual entry, no hassle.

How accurate is your gut feeling?

Use our social finance platform to make predictions, launch price polls, track public calls, backtest market strategies, and more.

Use Capswan to create a foundation of trust among community members by making predictions that can be verified by others.

Community Feedback

We have built Capswan tailored to our community's needs. Here's what some members have said about us:

    • Capswan is a great product for the CT community where trust is important. Saying that you called something simply isn't enough when we have this tool to verify everyone's calls. Works great and exactly as intended, can't ask for much more

    • Capswan: Wether you're a beginner trader or experienced, this is a must use product. Give it a try, and compare your calls vs the best.

    • I really enjoy using CapSwan. I find myself reevaluating my calls and positions before submitting, which keeps me on my toes. It’s really simple to use and does all the hard work. All you have to do is make the right call!

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  • Make unlimited predictions
  • Track others' tweets in your watchlist
  • Backtest strategies without any code
  • Create and join groups where you can share insights and compete
  • Run price polls to gauge market sentiment
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  • Own a unique Swan NFT on the Solana blockchain
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  • Earn an additional 77 credits per week
  • Early access to Beta features
  • Compete and win pool prizes upon League launch
  • Win more Capswan credits by participating in the Swan League
  • Special PFP frame to distinguish early holders
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    Frequently asked questions

    If our Wiki doesn't answer your questions, send us a Twitter DM or tag us with a query and we'll be happy to help!

      • Which assets are supported?

        We currently support over 1500 assets from crypto and tradfi. You can find a full list on our wiki

      • Where do I predict?

        You can make a prediction via the Capswan app, Twitter DMs, Twitter comments and Discord channels

      • How do I track someone else's predictions?

        You can track both your and other users' predictions in the "Watchlist" tab.

      • How is the leaderboard different from groups?

        You can compete with other users to rank higher in the Leaderboard while Groups allow users to share predictions privately (or publicly) with other group members

      • How are Swan Scores calculated?

        Swan scores are calculated using a combination of price delta, elapsed time and asset volatility.

      • What can I use credits for?

        We will be announcing more information about our paid plans after the launch of Swan League (est. July 7th).